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Design & Planning


Computer Aided Design

             Using the latest software to produce schemes

                         Compliant with Clients needs

                         Reduced Obtrusive Light Spillage to minimise impact to neighbours

Selection of Equipment

            Using the latest design of equipment available in the market

                         Providing energy efficiency

                         Conserving natural resources

                         Restricting impact to the surrounding environment


            Providing suitable information to assist in planning applications

                        All Project design in compliance with ILP -  (The Institution of Lighting

                        Professionals ) ‘Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light’

                        Sport England ‘Guide to the Design, Specification & Construction of 

                        Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) including Multi-Sport Synthetic turf

                        Pitches (STPs)‘                       

Consultants to

                        Sport England - Places People and Play Olympic Initiative

                        The Rugby League


                        PSD (NW)                      


Design & Planning